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DISPAA Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente

Pollastrini Martina

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Martina Pollastrini

DiSPAA - Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences

piazzale delle Cascine, 28 - 50144 - FIRENZE - Italy






Martina Pollastrini is graduated in Forest and Environmental Science in 2007 (title of the thesis ‘Effects of ozone on woody plants in open-top chambers exposed to different water regimes’). Martina is expert in the study of the effects of the environmental stress in plants. In 2011 she became Doctor in Phylosophy (PhD) (Dept. of Agricultural biotechnologies, University of Florence - Supervisor Dr. Filippo Bussotti, Dept. Plant Biology, University of Florence; Visor Dr. Paolo Cherubini, WSL, Birmensdorf, CH). During the PhD research activity she studied the photosynthetic responses of the poplar clones to drought and ozone stress. Effects on plant growth (intra-annual growth and at the end of the vegetative season) were analyzed.

Her main research interests are: climate change impacts on forest ecosystems; plant responses to environmental stress; stress physiology; stable isotopes in plant physiology; forest biodiversity; functional diversity, forest monitoring. Martina is skilled in plant ecophysiology techniques, in the field and in the laboratory (gas exchange, chlorophyll fluorescence, stable isotopes, microscopy). In particular she is interesting in the application of the chlorophyll fluorescence (prompt fluorescence and not only) in the assessment of the plant performance in relation to stress (drought, ozone, UV, pathogen).

Actually she is involved in the project Planning the green city in the global change era: urban tree species functions and their suitability for predicted future climate (TreeCity, PRIN 2010-2011, national project funded by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research).
She worked in FP7-ENV-2010 FunDivEUROPE project (Functional significance of forest biodiversity, In FunDivEUROPE she studied the effects of forest biodiversity on the photosynthetic performance of tree species in the Experimental and Exploratories forest stands of the project.

She carried out seminars (from 2012) at the University of Florence in master degree course in Science of Forestry Systems, bachelor’s degree course of Forest and Environmental Sciences, bachelor’s degree course of Nursery Sciences, Environment and Green Management, bachelor’s degree course of Agricultural Sciences, on the ecophysiological techniques to measure plant responses to environmental factors. She also carried out seminars for PhD students (PhD course in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Florence) on forest diversity and functionality of forest ecosystems and on the application of the chlorophyll fluorescence in plant stress analysis.

In 2012 (March-September) she had a lecturer position, with teaching activity and examinations, at the University of Florence, in the Course of Plant Biology, bachelor’s degree course in Wildlife Sciences. She has teaching activity also in courses for professional employees in agriculture.

Martina is author of scientific publications (topic Agriculture, Environmental Science and Ecology, Forestry, Plant Science). Please see the links:
She is Referee for peer-reviewed journals (Forests, PLOS ONE, Ecological Indicator, Environmental and Experimental Botany, Dendrochronologia, Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, Annali di Botanica, The Philippine Agricultural Scientist, Journal of Plant Studies, Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment, African Journal of Agricultural Research). She is in the Editorial board of Journal of Plant Studies, Annali di Botanica.


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