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Pubbllicazioni selezionate/selected papers

Martina Pollastrini

Selected Papers:

  • Peer-reviewed International Journals

    • van der Plas F., Soliveres S., Manning P., Allan E., Scherer-Lorenzen M., Verheyen K., Wirth C., Zavala M., Ampoorter E., Baeten L., Barbaro L., Bauhus J., Benavides R., Benneter A., Bonal D., Bouriaud O., Bruelheide H., Bussotti F., Carnol M., Castagneyrol B., Charbonnier Y., Coomes D., Coppi A., Bastias C., Dawud S.M., De Wandeler H., Domisch T., Finér L., Gessler A., Granier A., Grossiord C., Guyot V., Hättenschwiler S., Jactel H., Jaroszewicz B., Joly F., Jucker T., Koricheva J., Milligan H., Müller S., Muys B., Nguyen D., Pollastrini M., Ratcliffe S., Raulund-Rasmussen K., Selvi F., Stenlid J., Valladares F., Vesterdal L., Zielínski D., Fischer M. 2015. Biotic homogenization and local species loss can decrease landscape-scale forest multifunctionality. PNAS (accepted)
    • Pollastrini M., Feducci M., Bonal D., Fotelli M., Gessler A., Grossiord C., Guyot V., Jactel H., Nguyen D., Radoglou K., Bussotti F. 2016. Physiological significance of forest tree defoliation: results from a survey in a mixed forest in Tuscany (Central Italy). Forest Ecology and Management 361, 170-178
    • Bussotti F., Pollastrini M., 2015. Do tree species richness, stand structure and ecological factors affect the photosynthetic efficiency in European forests? Web Ecology 15, 39-41 doi:10.5194/we-15-1-2015
    • Bussotti F., Pollastrini M. 2015. Field surveys of ozone symptoms in Europe. Problems, reliability and significance for ecosystems. Annali di Botanica 5, 31-37
    • Pollastrini M, Luchi N., Michelozzi M., Gerosa G., Marzuoli R., Bussotti F., Capretti P. 2015. Early physiological responses of Pinus pinea L. seedlings infected by Heterobasidion in an ozone enriched atmospheric environment. Tree Physiology 35, 331-340
    • Bussotti F., Pollastrini M. 2015. Evaluation of leaf features in forest trees: methods, techniques, obtainable information and limits. Ecological Indicators 52, 219-230
    • Bussotti F., Pollastrini M., Holland V., Brüggeman W. 2015. Functional traits and adaptive capacity of European forests to climate change. Environmental and Experimental Botany 111, 91-113
    • Grossiord C., Forner A., Gessler A., Granier A., Pollastrini M., Valladares F., Bonal D. 2015. Influence of species interactions on transpiration of Mediterranean tree species during a summer drought. European Journal of Forest Research 134, 365-376

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