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Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management

Working Group “Sustainable Agriculture and Land Management”

This group is part of the Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences, University of Florence (UNIFI-DISPAA). It offers courses for a number of programs at the School of Agriculture of the University of Florence and other public and private bodies in Italy, including the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari (MAIB), part of the International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) and the University of Gastronomic Sciences at Bra, Italy. Course topics range from agroecology, sustainable management of agroecosystems, indicator-based methods for integrated sustainability impact assessment, eco-management auditing. Current research interests include sustainable agriculture and land management, integrated ecological-economic modelling and evaluation of farming systems, organic agriculture, agri-environmental indicators, eco-management auditing, participatory frameworks for assessment of natural resource management projects.

Short CVs of staff members

Prof. Concetta Vazzana is full Professor at DISPAA. She has been Director of the Department of Agronomy and Land Management, and President of the degree course in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies of the Agricultural Faculty, UNIFI. Her main research interests address agro-ecology and biodiversity. She has a long curriculum of coordination of national project and unit leadership in FP6 projects, as well as of supervision of PhD students.  In the last two decades she has lead one of the most advanced experiments on organic agriculture of the Mediterranean area, namely the Montepaldi Long Term Experiment (MOLTE) on a comparative analysis between organic and conventional arable cropping systems.

Dr. Giulio Lazzerini was born in Pescia (PT, Italy), the 20th July 1965, graduated in 1991, at the Department of Agronomy and Land Management of the University of Florence, where he has also defended his PhD in 2004. From 2002 to 2012 he was engaged in academic courses mainly concerning agroecology and biodiversity. Besides, Giulio is involved in several academic masters and training courses organized by the University and by national worker organizations concerning ecological agriculture, environmental management systems and environmental impact in agriculture. In 2005 he achieved the qualification of Internal Auditor in compliance with the ISO 14001 and EMAS (Reg. UE, 761/2001). Currently, his research is mainly focusing on: eco-management auditing procedures and Life Cycle Analysis within the ornamental plant sector (nursery production); sustainable agriculture and agro-biodiversity at farming system level; agro-environmental indicators and biodiversity indicators mainly at farm level; conservation and management of the High Natural Value.

Paolo Merante, PhD, is researcher with a temporary contract at DISPAA. He is graduated in Agricultural Sciences and in 2012 defended his 3-year PhD in Agro-ecosystem Sustainability. In his PhD dissertation, he combined the Sustainable Value approach with farm-level modelling in order to assess the corporate contribution to sustainability in the agricultural sector. Since 2005, Paolo has been involved in a number of projects of the 6th and 7th Framework Programme EU (FloViTur, SVAPPAS, SmartSoil) on the study of sustainability in the agricultural sector. For a year he worked as researcher at the National Institute for Agricultural Economics (INEA) in Rome, focusing on the control systems for organic products and the food chains’ regulation. He gave lectures in a number of vocational training courses on sustainability and environmental management systems. Current Paolo’s research focuses on the assessment of environmental sustainability of dairy farms in order to define a farm practices protocol in compliance with ISO 26000.

Valentina Moschini, PhD, was born in Vinci (FI, Italy), the 3th March 1978, graduated in 2007 at the Department of Agronomy and Land Management of the University of Florence. In 2010 she achieved a 3-year PhD at Florence University with a thesis entitled “Montepaldi Long Term Experiment: comparison between organic and conventional agroecosystems, measurement and analysis of their respective agricultural practices”. Since 2007 she is the coordinator of technical and scientific field’s activities in Montepaldi Long-Term Experiment. Her research is mainly focusing on: comparison organic vs conventional agriculture; soil fertility (green manure, crops rotation, intercropping, organic manure); sustainable agriculture and agro-biodiversity at farming system level;  agro-environmental indicators and biodiversity indicators mainly at farm level. Since 2007 she has taken part as scientific collaborator in a number of  national projects on organic farming, sustainability assessment, biodiversity, gender issues in agriculture.

Gaio Cesare Pacini, PhD, is tenure track researcher at DISPAA. He graduated in 1997 in Agricultural Sciences at Florence University, Italy. In 1998 he wins an EU Marie Curie grant for a 3-year period in The Netherlands. In 2003 he achieves a 4-year PhD at Wageningen University. Since 2003 he has taken part in a number of EU FP research projects with the role of workpackage leader (AfricaNUANCES, SENSOR, EULACIAS and SVAPPAS). His current research interests address integrated ecological-economic modelling, indicator-based sustainability assessment, multi-criteria linear additive models to evaluate sustainability, stakeholder involvement in regional planning, identification of farm typologies with multi-variate analysis. Since 2004 he has acted as lecturer of academic courses and seminars for different national and international institutions, as supervisor of a number of MSc theses, and as PhD supervisor of 2 PhD students at UNIFI, 1 at Wageningen Unuiversity, The Netherlands, and 1 at University of Sriwijaya, Indonesia.

last update: 26-Nov-2013
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