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Selected publications

Indicator-based evaluation and ecological-economic modelling of agroecosystems

Pacini, C., Wossink, A., Giesen, G., Vazzana, C., Huirne, R., 2003. Evaluation of sustainability of organic, integrated and conventional farming systems: a farm and field-scale analysis. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 95, 273-288.

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Pacini, C., Lazzerini, G., and Vazzana, C., 2011. AESIS: a Support Tool for the Evaluation of Sustainability of Agroecosystems. Example of Applications to Organic and Integrated Farming Systems in Tuscany, Italy. Italian Journal of Agronomy, 6 (1), 11-18 (doi:10.4081/ija.2011.e3).

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Van Wijk, M.T., Tittonell, P., Rufino, M.C., Herrero, M., Pacini, G.C., De Ridder, N., and Giller, K.E., 2009. Identifying key entry-points for strategic management of smallholder farming systems in sub-Saharan Africa using the dynamic farm-scale simulation model NUANCES-FARMSIM. Agricultural Systems, 102 (1-3), 89-101 (doi:10.1016/j.agsy.2009.07.004).

Sieber, S., Amjath-Babu, T.S., McIntosh, B.S., Tscherning, K., Müller, K., Helming, K., Pohle, D., Fricke, K., Verweij, P., Pacini, C., Jansson, T., Gomez y Paloma, S, 2013. Evaluating the characteristics of a non-standardised Model Requirements Analysis (MRA) for the development of policy impact assessment tools. Environmental Modelling & Software, 49, 53-63,

Organic agriculture

Migliorini, P., Moschini, V., Tittarelli, F., Ciaccia, C., Benedettelli, S., Vazzana, C., Canali, S., 2013. Agronomic performance, carbon storage and nitrogen utilisation of long-term organic and conventional stockless arable systems in Mediterranean area. European Journal of Agronomy, Available online 26 October 2013, ISSN 1161-0301,

Moschini, V., Migliorini, P., Sacchetti, P., Casella, G., Vazzana, C. 2012. Presence of aphid predators in common wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in organic and conventional agroecosystems of Tuscany. New Medit, 4, 2012.

Barberi, P., Burgio, G., Dinelli, G., Moonen, A.C., Otto, S., Vazzana, C., Zanin, G., 2010. Functional biodiversity in the agricultural landscape: relationships between weeds and arthropod fauna. Weed Research,  50(5), 388-401.

Pacini, C., Giesen, G., Wossink, A., Omodei-Zorini, L., Huirne, R., 2004. The EU’s Agenda 2000 reform and the sustainability of organic farming in Tuscany: ecological-economic modelling at field and farm level. Agricultural Systems 80, 171-197.

Sustainable agriculture and land management

El-Hage Scialabba, N., Khor, M., Le Cotty, T., Pacini, C., Zileki, S., Groppo, P., Hill, C., Lipper, L., McMahon, P., Meybeck, A., Raymond, R., 2012. Greening the Economy with Agriculture. FAO, Rome, Italy, 280 p. Available at

Pacini, G.C., Colucci, D., Baudron, F., Righi, E., Corbeels, M., Tittonell, P., and Stefanini, F.M., 2013. Combining multi-dimensional scaling and cluster analysis to describe the  diversity of rural households. Experimental Agriculture, accepted 1 July 2013, published online: 07 August 2013. DOI:

Righi E., Dogliotti, S., Stefanini, F.M., and Pacini, G.C., 2010. Capturing farm diversity at regional level to up-scale farm level impact assessment of sustainable development options. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 142, 63–74 (doi:10.1016/j.agee.2010.07.011).

Lazzerini, G., Camera, A., Benedettelli, S., Vazzana, C., 2011. The Role of Field Margins in Agro-biodiversity Management at the Farm Level. Italian Journal of Agronomy 2 (2), 127-134.

Pacini, G.C., Gabellini, L., Roberts, A.M., Vazzana, C., Park, G., Pannell, D.J., Accepted for publication. Assessing the Potential of INFFER to Improve Management of Agri-environmental Assets in Tuscany. Italian Journal of Agronomy.

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