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DISPAA Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente
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Paolo Merante


Personal Data

First name/Surname:  Paolo Merante
Nationality: Italian
DiSPAA - Department of Agrifood Production and Environmental Sciences

tel: 055 328 8252


Education and Training


Ph.D program: Sustainable pasture and zootechnical-forage systems, for the territory and for the quality of the products.
Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences (DIPSA) of Florence University (IT).
Dissertation: Combining the Sustainable Value approach with farm-level modelling to assess the corporate contribution to sustainability in the agricultural sector.


Degree in Agricultural Science with Technique-Economic specialization at the Mediterranea University in Reggio Calabria (IT). Five year degree awarded with honors.
Thesis: Grafting of vegetable seedlings in the Netherlands. Technical aspects and financial analysis of manual and semi-automated grafting.


Research Thesis: The research was carried out entirely in the Netherlands with the supervision of the Farm Management Department “Business Economic Group” of the Wageningen University.


Erasmus fellowship at the Wageningen University.

Work Experience

April 2013®
Researcher (temporary)
At the Department of Agrifood and Environmental Sciences (DISPAA) of Florence University (IT), within the PIF project “Agro-environmental, socio-economic and territorial characterization of the Mugello milk” - CASET, Tuscany Rural Development Plan, 2007-2013.
Topics: assessment of the environmental sustainability of dairy farms, definition of a farm practices protocol in compliance with ISO 26000.

April -Sept.  2012

Researcher (temporary)
at the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences (DIPSA) of Florence University (IT), within the European project “Sustainable farm Management Aimed at Reducing Threats to Soils under climate change” – SmartSoil, 7th Framework Programme EU.
Topics: Investigation amongst stakeholders on the development and use of decision supporting tools about soil protection and soil carbon storage.


Researcher (temporary)
at the National Institute for Agricultural Economics (INEA, Rome)
Research and consultancy for the Department for quality and food fraud repression of the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.
Topics: Control systems for foodstuffs, normative analysis of food chains, control and vigilance system for organic products, market analysis of foodstuffs.

2007 - 2010

Researcher (temporary)
at the Department of Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences (DIPSA) of Florence University (IT), within the STREP project “Sustainable Value Approach of Policies and Performances in Agriculture” - SVAPPAS, 6th  Framework Programme EU.

  • Research on:

Sustainability studies in the agricultural sector (concepts and frameworks); Environmental sustainability assessment at farm level; Modelling of environmental farm performances; Biodiversity; Farming systems.

  • Support to the leadership of a workpackage and co-coordination of the research unit.


Researcher (temporary)
at the Agronomy and Land Management Department of Florence University (IT), within the EQUAL project EQUAL-UE, FloViTur “Sustainable and integrated rural development”

  • Research on:

Sustainable development; Environmental Management Systems.

  • Co-coordination of the research unit.


of the Sustainable Development Working Group of the Transnational Programme of FloViTur project.
Task: Coordination of the working group in Italy and abroad.
Countries in the working group: Italy, Germany and Portugal.


at Gipmans Plantenkwekwerij in Venlo (NL) with the supervision of the Horticulture Production Chain Group (HPCG) of the Wageningen University.
Activities: Seedling production procedures; management issues; grafting of vegetable seedlings (solanaceae).
Report stage: “Learning experience in a Dutch nursery”, examined and evaluated by HPCG commission.


Teaching experience


Editing teacher
Advanced School in Sustainability and Food Policies, University of gastronomic sciences Bra (Cn), Italy
Topics: Biodiversity and sustainability


GES.TER. FSE Project,  Technician training for the management of the rural territory;
Topics: Environmental certification, Environmental Management Systems, EMAS (EU Regulation), ISO 14001


Lecturer in vocational training courses
Institutions and worker organizations:

  • I.R.I.P.A. (Coldiretti) Agency for training and research in the agro-food and environmental sector;
  • CIPA-AT- (Agricultural Italian Confederation), Centre for technical dissemination and vocational training in the agricultural sector;
  • Agency for the Empolese-Valdelsa development.

Topics: Sustainable Development; Environmental Management Systems (EMAS, ISO 14001), Organic farming system (EU Regulation).



Merante, P. Normative analysis in the organic production: the labeling; organic products national trade (in Italian). In The control system for the organic products in Italy, Zucaro, R. (Ed), INEA, Rome.


Lazzerini, G., Merante, P. Guidelines on the construction of an Environmental Management System in the agro-touristic sector. Implementation of the UNI EN ISO 14001 norm (in Italian). Handbook, Rural and agricultural development department, Project LR34/2001.


P. Merante, C. Dibari, R. Ferrise, M. Bindi. Summary Report on First Consultation: Decision Support Tool. Seventh EU Framework Programme, Contribution WP5 Task 5.1, SmartSoil project.


Buiatti, M., Lazzerini, G., Merante, P., Migliorini, P., Raj Dahal, K., Ferreira, M., Karanja, J., Kühne, J., Walter, A. Biodiversity and Ecosystems. In Food policies and Sustainability, Slow Food, Turin, Italy, 2011, ISBN 978-88-8499-279-6.


Merante, P., Pacini, G.C., Van Passel, S., Vazzana, C., 2010. Application of the sustainable value concept to a representative dairy farm of Florence Province, Tuscany, under a modeling perspective. International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE) 11th Biennial Conference: Advancing sustainability in a time of crisis, 22–25 August 2010, Oldenburg, Bremen, Germany.


Merante, P., Pacini, C. Application of the sustainable value concept to a representative dairy farm of Florence Province, Tuscany, under a modelling perspective. Contribution WP4, SVAPPAS project.  


Pacini, C., Merante, P., Vazzana, C. Combining farm-level modelling and the sustainable value approach for policy assessment and design on sustainability scenarios. Contribution WP6, SVAPPAS project.


Lazzerini, G., Merante P., Nicese, F.P. Innovative actions in the farm management. New perspectives for the environmental certification of nursery (in Italian). Linea Verde. ISSN: 0394-3704.


Merante, P., Pacini, C. Report on the state-of-the-art of sustainability approaches in agriculture. Sixth EU Framework Programme, Deliverable 1-WP1, SVAPPAS project.


Merante, P., Pacini, C. A decision on which sustainability aspects to be included and which applications will be worked out. Sixth EU Framework Programme, Milestone 1-WP1, SVAPPAS project.


P. Merante, G. Lazzerini: Environment and Enterprise. Towards a sustainable management of the enterprise’s activity (in Italian). Handbook FloViTur project, Pistoia, ISBN 88-6039-089-3.


P. Merante et al.: Transnational Cooperation Agri-able. European Competences in Agriculture. Pamphlet, transnational cooperation FloViTur, Sixth EU Framework Programme.


Italian: Mother tongue
English: Fluent – B2/C1 (CEFR level)

Computer Skills

Proficient in Excel, Word and Power point
CropSyst Simulation Model

last update: 16-June-2017
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