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Pubbllicazioni selezionate/selected papers

Main publications

Book chapters

  • Biondi N., Rodolfi L., Tredici M.R. (2008) Cap. 20. Bioattività dei microrganismi fotosintetici. In: Biavati B., Sorlini C. “Microbiologia Agroambientale”, Casa Editrice Ambrosiana, Milano: 635-656.
  • Tredici M.R., Biondi N., Ponis E., Rodolfi L., Chini Zittelli G. (2009) Chap. 20. Advances in microalgal culture for aquaculture feed and other uses. In: Burnell G., Allan G. (eds) “New technologies in aquaculture: Improving production efficiency, quality and environmental management”, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, 610-676.
  • Chini Zittelli G., Rodolfi L., Bassi N., Biondi N., Tredici M.R. (2013) Photobioreactors for microalgae biofuel production. In: Borowitzka M.A., Moheimani N (eds) Algae for biofuels and energy, Springer, Dodrecht, Developments in applied phycology Volume 5, pp 115-131.
  • Chini Zittelli G., Biondi N., Rodolfi L., Tredici M.R. (2013) Photobioreactors for mass production of microalgae. In: Richmond A., Hu Q. (eds) Handbook of microalgal culture, 2nd edition, Wiley, Oxford, pp. 225-266.
  • Chiaramonti D., Tredici M.R., Prussi M., Biondi N. (2015) Algae Biofuels. In: Yan J. (ed) Handbook of Clean Energy Systems, Vol. 1 Renewable Energy, Wiley, New York. 1–16.


  • Biondi N., Piccardi R., Margheri M.C., Rodolfi L., Smith G.D., Tredici M.R. (2004) Evaluation of Nostoc strain ATCC 53789 as a potential source of natural pesticides. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 70(6): 3313-3320.
  • Chini Zittelli G., Rodolfi L., Biondi N., Tredici M.R. (2006) Productivity and photosynthetic efficiency of outdoor cultures of Tetraselmis suecica in annular columns. Aquaculture, 261: 932-943.
  • Taton A., Grubisic S., Ertz D., Hodgson D.A., Piccardi R., Biondi N., Tredici M., Mainini M., Losi D., Marinelli F., Wilmotte A. (2006) Polyphasic study of Antarctic cyanobacterial strains. Journal of Phycology, 42: 1257-1270.
  • Biondi N., Tredici M.R., Taton A., Wilmotte A., Hodgson D.A., Losi D., Marinelli F. (2008) Cyanobacteria from benthic mats of Antarctic lakes as a source of new bioactivities. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 105: 105-115.
  • Rodolfi L., Chini Zittelli G., Bassi N., Padovani G., Biondi N., Bonini G., Tredici M.R. (2009) Microalgae for oil: strain selection, induction of lipid synthesis, and outdoor mass cultivation in a low-cost photobioreactor. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 102: 100-112. [article evidenced by a launch in the Spotlight Section]
  • Biondi N., Bassi N., Chini Zittelli G., De Faveri D., Giovannini A., Rodolfi L., Allevi C., Macrì C., Tredici M.R. (2013) Nannochloropsis sp. F&M-M24: Oil production, effect of mixing on productivity and growth in an industrial wastewater. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy, 32: 846-853.
  • Abiusi F., Sampietro G., Marturano G., Biondi N., Rodolfi L., D’Ottavio M., Tredici M.R. (2014) Growth, photosynthetic efficiency, and biochemical composition of Tetraselmis suecica F&M-M33 grown with LEDs of different colors. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 111: 956-964. [article evidenced by a launch in the Spotlight Section]
  • Guccione A., Biondi N., Sampietro G., Rodolfi L., Bassi N., Tredici M.R. (2014) Chlorella for protein and biofuels: from strain selection to outdoor cultivation in a Green Wall Panel photobioreactor. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 7: 84.
  • Centini M., Tredici M.R., Biondi N., Buonocore A., Maffei Facino, Anselmi C. (2015) Thermal mud maturation: organic matter and biological activity. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 37: 339-347.
  • Tredici M.R., Bassi N., Prussi M., Biondi N., Rodolfi L., Chini Zittelli G., Sampietro G. (2015) Energy balance of algae biomass production in a 1-ha "Green Wall Panel" plant: how to produce algae biomass in a closed reactor achieving a high Net Energy Ratio. Applied Energy, 154: 1103-1111.
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