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DISPAA Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente
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Ph.D. Students, thesis thematics, tutors and internal reviewers




Internal reviewers

Fabbri Carolina

Simone Orlandini

"Analysis of agronomic management effects on nitrogen emissions from agricultural soils."

Anne Gobin
Enrico Palchetti

Simiani Andrea

Roberto De Philippis

"Biocrusts polymeric matrix of: Role in the improvement of soil quality and in the exchange of metabolites among residing microorganisms"

Carlo Viti
Giacomo Certini

Sabbatini Leonardo

Stefano Mancuso
Cotutela con  Paris Sorbonne Citè

"Salt tolerance in OleaEuropaea L."

Francesco Ferrini
Francesco Loreto

Santini Gaia

Liliana Rodolfi

"Algal   cultures   for   the   production   of   antifungal   compounds   and biostimulants"

Mario Tredici
Stefano Mancuso

Bellabarba Agnese

Carlo Viti

"Into the Wild: How rhizobia compete and survive in the early stages of symbiosis"

Maria Teresa Ceccherini
Marco Fondi

Nocentini Marco

Tutor: Giacomo Certini
Co-tutor: Heike Knicker (IRNAS-CSIC, Siviglia)

"Relating chemical and physical properties of carbonized organic matter to its function as a peat substitute"

Daniel  Rasse,
Alessandra Lagomarsino

Ganugi Paola

Stefano Benedettelli

"Germoplam characterization of Tuscany’s Triticum species in relation to the main fungal pathogens with special focus on mycotoxic species"

Donatella Paffetti
Giacomo Pietramellara

Altieri Giuseppe

Stefano Benedettelli

"Agroecology and Biodiversity for Rural Development and the Protection of Environmental Health"

Laura Mugnai
Patrizia Sacchetti


last update: 04-Dec-2018
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