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DISPAA Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente

Student admission to doctorate

In order to participate in the selection for the admission to the PhD program, candidates should consult The University of Florence website and go to the “Doctorate Calls” link in order to proceed with the registration within the time set, submitting the required documentation.

Thereafter they will receive communication of summons from the PhD office of the University to participate in the selection, indicating information on the day, time and place where the admission test will be held.

The  application  forms  and the  additional documents  can  be  uploaded  into the  departmental  webpage  (section  “Dottorato  di  Ricerca” are:

    • curriculum vitae drafted in European format (Europass);
    • any additional qualification document (including two reference letters at the most) and scientific publications;
    • the research project proposal on one of the issues as provided by the call

    The admission procedure to the PhD oral test is carried out by evaluating the candidates’ CVs, reference letters, and the submitted research project that should be completed within three years.

    The list of those students admitted to the oral test shall be published within ten days, after all evaluation procedures, on the Ateneo’s Web site:

    The oral test comprises the explanation of the research project and, for those students residing abroad, if allowed, it can be carried out via Skype in Italian or any other language indicated in the call.

    Scoring of applicants:


    Minimum score

    Maximum score

    Curriculum vitae, any additional qualification documents



    Research project



    Admission to the oral test is granted with a minimum score of 10 /120 and 30/120 for the CV and research project respectively

    Oral Examination: Discussion of the research project and any additional qualification documents



    Eligibility is granted with a minimum total score of 80/120


    The first students in the admission ranking corresponding to the number of available scholarships have the right to choose among the proposed subject matters for the Doctorate cycle at hand. If those students who are admitted choose other subject matters they will lose the grant of the scholarship.

    In case of doctorates for which an inter-university cooperation agreement is in force at national or international level, the commission and procedure of admission are defined on the basis of the cooperation agreement rules.

    Furthermore, students’ supernumerary admission is also possible if his/ her university degree is deemed suitable for the admission to the Doctorate program by the College of Teachers. Through this procedure the following applicants can be admitted:

      • Non-EU citizens holding scholarships conferred by the Italian Government or national and international institutions and holders of research grants financed by the European Union or other European or international scientific institutions.
      • Student holding research grants;
      • Public administration employees, not exceeding 30% of Ateneo’s doctorate scholarships. The participation to the Doctorate without any grants or other forms of financial support

      Participation to the Doctorate program without the financial support of a scholarship for a maximum of two students is allowed, provided that the candidate is ranked within the first two positions on the list after the scholarship winners and that there is a professor or researcher of the department able to finance the  research activity.

      For any additional information please consult the UniFi web site

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      last update: 11-Dec-2018
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