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DISPAA Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente

Center of tree s pecies section

Section Coordinator: Giovan Battista Mattii


The center of Tree Species (Colture Ar- boree) carries out research activities ap- plying updated approaches to the study of the physiology of nursery and open field plants, of their genetic improve- ment, and of any other applied biologi- cal discipline, aimed at promoting su- stainable and quality managements of crop systems, for the production of fruit and biomass, for ornamental and landscape purposes, and for the protec- tion of the environment and its changes.




Stefano Biricolti
Francesco Ferrini
Edgardo Giordani
Stefano Mancuso
Elisa Masi
Giovan Battista Mattii
Valter Nencetti
Francesco Paolo Nicese
Camilla Pandolfi
Enrico Rinaldelli




(web pages are in italian)


laboratorio di Biologia e istoanatomia

Celle climatiche

Colture in vitro substrati

Colture in vitro trasferimento

laboratorio di Elettrofisiologia

LINV - Laboratorio di Neurobiologia Vegetale

laboratorio di Pomologia

serra - unità di controllo ambientale

PTR-TOF-MS Proton Transfer Reaction - Time of Flight - Mass Spectrometer





last update: 06-Dec-2018
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