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DISPAA Dipartimento di Scienze delle Produzioni Agroalimentari e dell'Ambiente
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Plant pathology and entomology section

Section Coordinator: Paolo Capretti


The Plant Pathology and Entomology Sec- tion deals with teaching and research rela- ted to biology, epidemiology and control of diseases of agricultural crops, forest and urban trees caused by phytopathogenic bac- teria and fungi, insects and other phyto- phagous invertebrates, including emerging alien and invasive species. Host-pathogen interactions and environmental effects on disease emergence, the development and testing of new diagnostic protocols, based both on classical and molecular methods, and the design and evaluation of innovative control methods are among the most impor- tant activities.




Antonio Belcari
Paolo Capretti
Luisa Ghelardini
Guido Marchi
Salvatore Moricca
Laura Mugnai
Tiziana Panzavolta
Marzia Cristiana Rosi
Patrizia Sacchetti
Stefania Tegli
Riziero Tiberi




(web pages are in italian)

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